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Atlanta Air Recovery & Storage is the largest aircraft recovery establishment in the Southeastern United States. Our staff has performed countless recoveries consisting of various circumstances and locations. We at Atlanta Air Recovery and Storage strive to satisfy your recovery needs as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our team consists of five highly qualified individuals trained to recover aircraft in any given circumstance, from the highest mountain to the depths of the deepest sea. Our prompt recovery team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Here at Atlanta Air Recovery we have secure in-door and out-door storage to meet all of your needs, including facilities to aide in investigation and examination of aircraft. Once an aircraft is recovered it is transported to the requested destination. In most circumstances, the aircraft is stored within our facility where it undergoes in-depth investigations performed by the NTSB or insurance companies. All information regarding any aircraft stored at our facility will and always will remain confidential. The public has no access to any wreckage as long as it is being stored in our facility.



Ron grew up in the aircraft parts and recovery business with his father who is the founder of Atlanta Air Exchange. As a boy Ron caught the aviation bug from his Father and has been in aviation industry since the age of 9 making aviation not only his life but also his passion.

Ron obtained his pilot’s license at the age of 16. After graduating high school, Ron attended Auburn University’s Flight School and was a member of the Sigma Nu fraternity.After leaving college, Ron came home to work with his Father at Atlanta Air in 2002. First working in the field on aircraft recoveries and soon started traveling worldwide with his father purchasing new/used inventory. Ron quickly became the General Manager in 2005.

In 2016, Ron found himself achieving a lifelong goal of owning and becoming the President of his beloved family business that he has loved his entire life.



Sandy has been a staple in the AAE office for 16 years. Sandy first found her place in aviation in 1995 working for Alexander Aerospace while there she participated in the Alexander SportAir Workshop and completed courses in Sheet Metal Fabrication / Fabric Covering / Composites I / Finishing and spraying / and Welding. Not that she ever plans to build an aircraft, but she feels it helps to know what a customer is talking about if she has had her own hands in it.

Sandy found her home at Atlanta Air in 2000 where she first started in inventory and has also worked in shipping, purchasing and the leasing department before settling into sales where her superior customer service skills and knowledge can best be utilized.

Sandy loves to travel and fly when she can, but ironically, when on vacations she chooses a cruise ship over an aircraft.



Lindsay was born into aviation as her father owns Barnstormer’s Workshop restoring antique aircraft.

Lindsay started working in aviation in 2007 as an account analyst at HEICO Aerospace managing the Delta Air Lines accounts. In 2012 she worked as an Accounts Operations Manager for Broadwing Aviation as an onsite manager for Delta Air Lines tech ops.

Lindsay joined the Atlanta Air family as a Sales Rep in 2016 where she has revamped our online Ebay store and added her extensive knowledge of aircraft parts to our sales team.


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  • Griffin, GA 30224
  • 1.800.237.8831
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Our mission is simple...to provide quality aircraft parts and excellent customer service.

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