About Us

Atlanta Air Exchange, inc. is committed to supplying the aviation industry with salvaged, overhauled, and new surplus aircraft parts from literally every make and model.

Griffin-Spalding Co Airport 6A2
Conveniently located on the Griffin-Spalding Co Airport 6A2.
1146 Uniform Road Griffin, GA 30224

Conveniently located just 25 miles south of Atlanta on the Griffin-Spalding Co Airport since 1986, our facilities have expanded to include over 60,000 sq ft of warehouse space and over 9 acres of salvaged aircraft.

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Aviation is our passion; our way of life

Our senior sales associates have each acquired over 25 consecutive years in the aircraft part sales industry. We employ certified aircraft A&P and IA mechanics, commercial pilots, and staff that have dedicated their careers to aviation

What We Do:

Atlanta Air Exchange, Inc. is a supplier of New Surplus, Overhauled, Serviceable, and Salvaged aircraft parts.

Inventory acquisition is via one of two methods:

We Buy Surplus Aircraft Parts Inventories. These inventories range from nuts and bolts to overhauled Gulfstream rotables. Our inventory control team spares no measure to ensure that with every part and component we can provide origin, traceability, and in most cases FAA or EASA certifications for that component.

Our Surplus Parts Support includes:

Cessna, Beechcraft, Piper, Citation, Learjet, Dassault Falcon, Gulfstream, Hawker, Gulfstream & Boeing

We Buy Complete Aircraft: The aircraft we buy range from the smallest Cessna, Piper or Beechcraft to corporate jets such as Dassault Falcon, Citation, Learjet & Gulfstream aircraft.

Our full-time mechanics meticulously dismantle each and every component . These parts are then individually listed by part number on one or more of our aviation inventory listing services. Our inventory control team makes every effort to ensure that each part is properly identified via the approved manufacturers Illustrated Parts Catalogue or by referencing the components data tag.

Frequently Asked Questions:  

1. Can Atlanta Air Exchange, Inc. repair my part?
Atlanta Air Exchange, Inc. is not a Certified Repair Station. Although we cannot repair your part, our years of experience have provided us with countless resources with which to consult if indeed you need a part or component repaired. Do not hesitate to ask our sales staff for help!
2. Can Atlanta Air Exchange, Inc. recertify my part?
Since we are not a Certified Repair Station, we are not able to certify parts. Atlanta Air Exchange, Inc. generally sells its certified parts OUTRIGHT at a price point that is very competitive with current exchange prices you will find.
3. Will there be any documentation to supplement “As Removed” parts?
Any part that is sold in AR condition will be supplemented with an Atlanta Air Exchange, Inc. Traceability Tag. This tag declares: aircraft make, model, serial number, registration number, (Aircraft Total Time, Aircraft Total Cycles, the part time and cycles (if known)), the part number, description and serial number of item. Also, Atlanta Air Exchange, Inc. will produce a Material Cert stating the part identification, the source, and the incident or non-incident statement.
4. Can I review copies of the certifications provided with the parts? What about pictures?
Do not hesitate to ask your sales representative to send copies of any paperwork and/or pictures we have on a particular part.
5. Has the part I purchased been involved in an incident or accident?
The nature of aircraft salvage often involves parts from aircraft that have been damaged to some extent in an incident or accident. Atlanta Air Exchange, Inc. strictly controls the inventory process of components when aircraft are incident-related. *Our Material Cert provided with salvaged parts explicitly indicates that the part/component was not subject to extreme stress or heat.
6. What is the return policy you provide with your parts?
NEW COMPONENTS: New parts can be returned in original, unaltered, condition within 30 days and will be charged a 20% restocking fee of the purchase price.

USED COMPONENTS (except engines and avionics): Used or “as removed” components are subject to customer evaluation and may be returned (freight prepaid) within 30 days from invoice.

AVIONIC RETURNS: Avionics may only be returned during the prescribed 30 day period If and ONLY IF buyer can provide documentation, from an FAA 145 Certified Avionics Repair Station, stating that the unit is not fit for return to service. Atlanta Air Exchange, Inc will not incur any cost nor refund any of the cost associated with testing/evaluating such avionics. Avionics in “Serviceable” condition, supplemented with an FAA 8130-3, cannot be returned due to cosmetic flaws. Please insure that the physical condition meets your approval prior to purchase.

ENGINES: Due to the subjective nature of aircraft engines, EACH ENGINE SOLD WILL HAVE IT’S EXCLUSIVE “TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE”. No other return policy shall default for an engine purchase from Atlanta Air Exchange, Inc.

To obtain an RMA # for a return request please contact , and ship the item back (freight prepaid) per instructions.

7. What is the shipping cutoff to assure part is shipped same day?

Purchase orders received by 3:30 PM EST typically will ship the same day. If the case arises that you are AOG for a part, we will make every attempt to ship the part same day. In some cases extremely late orders may be charged a $30.00 AOG fee.

8. How can I pay for my order?

Atlanta Air Exchange, Inc. accepts the following forms of payment:

Visa, Master Card, American Express, Bank Wire Transfer, Check in Advance or COD.

NOTICE: Atlanta Air Exchange, Inc. is not an FAA approved repair station. At no point will Atlanta Air Exchange, Inc. be held liable related to the airworthiness of a part it supplies. The installer of each part is responsible for the final determination of airworthiness and the compatibility with other installed equipment or modifications.